Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Package Color!

*Takes a deep breath*

I've been out and about this summer, at trade shows and working hard on a new package design and product displays for Bluapple®. In doing so, I've neglected to keep up a few things in my life.

Getting enough sleep and...

And with that, I am back on track. A few things have happened since May.  Bluapple® now has a new color to add to it's package choice.  Orange!  We think it looks updated and fresh.  It makes me want to eat something picked fresh from the garden this very moment, and then put the left over produce in my refrigerator, nestle it between a Bluapple® and make myself feel healthy.  Eating fresh is so much more enjoyable when my produce stays fresh!

Check out the new orange packaging and go eat something fresh. My suggestion? Berries. It doesn't matter what kind. Summer is amazing when it includes fresh berries.