Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Organize your refrigerator

Organization is a hard one for me. I tend to be one that can thrive in a mess.  Except when it comes to the refrigerator. I like a neat and tidy cool area. I've been known to eat something just to have it gone so that it will look nicer when I open the door to my cool cave food keeper. Sad. I know.

Here are some fun tips from the website Buzzfeed.  While some are great, and others, in my opinion are not, I think they are fun to read and just might spark some creativity in you to come up with your own ideas.  The one thing the list is missing however, is the color BLUE.  A Bluapple, that is. :)

When cleaning out your refrigerator and throwing out rotten produce that you found stuffed in one of those thin plastic bags that has now turned into a slime fest, remember the Bluapple and the part it can play in freshness.  There are three pillars to freshness: Temperature, Humidity and Ethylene Gas Control.

-Temperature is your refrigerators part (and most can be switched up or down according to your needs.)

-Humidity is both you and your refrigerator. Many have separate drawers with humidity control.  Also, take your produce out of the bags upon arriving home. Not only do they make your produce so that they can't get breathe, but they hold in the ethylene gas that causes produce to ripen, causing them to ripen quicker than if they were out of the bag and had a Bluapple placed among them, absorbing the ethylene gas and allowing for a longer life.

-Ethylene Gas Control, as mentioned above, is what allows for the produce to last longer.  The Bluapple effectively absorbs the gas, which can save you money, time and is great for the environment. 

Enjoy the weblink. The roommate note made me actually Laugh Out Loud, along with a vocal, "ewwwww."

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