Monday, January 27, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday Dips

Disclaimer.  I don't watch football. I have never watched a game from start to finish in one sitting. Ever. In high school, football was a place to hang out, eat food and leave early.  One of the things that I love about my husband is his lack of interest in football. (Loving someone for something they don't like. Interesting.)

This coming Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday!  

I have two boys who don't like to watch football, except for Super Bowl Sunday.  Why?  Because their peer group seems to watch it and they'd like to participate in the conversations about the game the next day at school. 

And of course, food.  They love to eat and watch T.V.

On Super Bowl Sunday, my non-football loving family makes delicious snacks and we sit on the couch to eat, occationally commenting on the game.  We talk about other interests, play a game or two of Angry Birds, look at our Facebook wall and laugh during the commercials.  And then...we eat some more!

Are you a Super Bowl lover or just a Super Bowl food lover like us?  

Our family likes a good dip.  A good dip goes with just about anything. We make a warm vegetable dip for chips, guacamole and hummus dips for vegetables, and yogurt dips for fresh fruit. 

It really is the perfect Sunday. 


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