Monday, January 20, 2014

We think that our product, The Bluapple is more than just a money saving ethylene gas sucking is cute! :)

Seriously though, I had a poinsettia on my table during the month of December.  The plant is known to last awhile as it is in the home, 7-10 days some retailers say. And as the plant only costs $5, it is a small price to pay to enjoy a beautiful plant for over a week.

However, I had it sitting on my table for the full month of December. 30 days.  How?  I placed a Bluapple in the pot under the leaves.  The fantastic little cute apple extended the life of my plant more than double the amount of time it most likely would have lived.  And can I just add, it was a nice conversation piece when guests at a few parties would say, "What is that little blue thing doing there?" 

I controlled the temperature and humidity.  The Bluapple absorbed the ethylene gas that would have killed my plant off too early for my taste. 

Valentines Day is coming up folks. When you are out spending your money on flowers to make him or her feel like a million bucks, add a bluapple to extend that feeling. And, after the flower is gone, the bluapple can be placed with your loved ones produce and reused an endless amount of times with the low cost refill packets ($10 for a years supply!)

Happy Holidays my friends all year long.

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