Thursday, May 1, 2014

Real Food Now - Mint

Bluapple keeps all produce fresher longer.  Even herbs.  Do you use herbs?  Do you know how to use herbs?  Do you have a favorite one?  My son does.  And it is mint.  He loves using it in his tea.  And so we buy it quite often, keeping it fresh with our Bluapple in the fridge.

Here is a link that gives a lot of information about mint, ways to use it and how to keep it fresh.  They don't know know about Bluapple...yet.  Absorbing ethylene gas is so easy with Bluapple!  It is inexpensive and effective.  The site says that mint can last up to a week when stored in water.  The mint in our fridge lasts twice that long by simply keeping it cold, moist (we keep it in a container with hole for the air flow) and a Bluapple in the crisper drawer with it.

Check out their website for some great ideas and information on how to eat real food, now.


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