Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer Fruity Drinks

I love having a nice relaxing drink after work.  Especially in the summer.  Why?  Because they are pretty, they are tasty and they are fun to serve.  However, I have kids who want to enjoy a drink just as much as I do; but not a different looking one.  They want one that looks just like mine.  And so, I make theirs first, pour them into their fun glasses and then use my share and add some adult kick to it. The kids love having their drink, and I get to relax and enjoy mine.

Follow the link and try out these fun drinks.  Maybe let the kids help by showing them how to put sugar on the rim of a glass.  Let them add fresh fruit onto a toothpick to add to their drink.  Dinner and drinks with kids CAN be a relaxing and enjoyable time!

Non-Alcoholic Tropical Drinks

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