Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Physical health is important. Eating good foods like fruits and vegetables in many varieties is important.  Exercising is important. Sleep is important.  And...sometimes, taking a break from all the is important and focusing on our minds, our inner-selves, is important.

What I mean by that is we all need a break.  Yesterday after work, my husband wanted to run up a canyon near our house.  It is one of our favorite canyon runs.  It takes about an hour and has many small challenges along the way, especially when running instead of walking.  I do it quite often with him, racing along the way and trying to get a better time as the summer passes.  And yesterday, I didn't go.  I passed.  He left and I sat down.  And I did, nothing.

The kids were gone, the house was dark and the cat jumped onto my lap and I sat on my couch and looked into her eyes as I pet her head. I wasn't sleepy or hungry and so for the next 30 minutes, I pet my cat and thought about a few things going on in my life. I thought of happy things, sad things, exciting things and even thought of nothing for a bit. I just pet the cat and breathed in the silence.  And at the end of my experience I felt...revived. I had a few clear ideas come to mind and a new determination to accomplish what I have been putting off.  My body didn't get a work out physically, but it got a calm and quiet rest that brought about an energy that a canyon run couldn't have brought.

And my cat was pretty content as well.



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