Thursday, May 29, 2014

Time for Summer Fresh Food!

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Hershey's Chocolate Bars. If you are wanting a sugar fix, then this combination might be right up your alley.  It's a good combo. It works.

BUT....what if eating fresh is your thing, eating healthy...yet being completely satisfied.

Tomatoes and Feta Cheese.  De-freakin-licious!
This combination tastes like a sweet and fresh treat, only the calories are low, the fat is low, the good for you, literally, is high, and for me the satisfaction is amazing. Some people take the time to put the tomatoes in the oven and cook them a little, or use the broiler.

I have no patience for such things.  I get home from work and I want to be sitting outside, chatting with my boys about their day, eating summer foods that are quick and easy and take little effort.  I want to spend my time with my kids, not with my cooking pans.  And so, I microwave them.  I slice up the tomatoes, crumble some feta on top, and 60 seconds later, dinner is served.  Well, almost.  Last night we added cooked corn on the cob, fresh strawberries, a green salad and brownies.  I never complain about brownies.

Give them a try.  Eating fresh produce might be the most heavenly thing on earth. If you'd like to follow an actual recipe, I'd give this one a try.

Tomatoes with Feta Cheese

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