Monday, March 24, 2014

Dips Dips and more Dips

Last night I had a mango salsa dip with tortilla chips for dinner. That's it.
I sat down with a bag of chips and a bowl of salsa, turned on Mad Men, and ate "dinner."

This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Not in the summer, anyway. Why?  Because if it was the end of June I'd be eating my fresh homemade salsa, rather than (sorry Costco, I suppose it is better than nothing) my store brand plastic container with a black screw on lid salsa.

I love salsa. I love dips. I love the crunch and the wide variety of choices when it comes to dips, and what you can dip in them!

In my search for something delicious, I came across Sam the Cooking Guy. He has some great recipes, a fun and active Facebook page, and even a radio show.  Check him out!

*And of course, what tastes better in dips? Fresh Produce! Brought to you by a Bluapple.* :)

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