Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dinner With Friends is Good for the Soul

After a long week of work, my Friday night was looking like a night of taking kids to their events, making dinner for just my husband and I and a night of sitting on the couch, watching movies and talking and...nothing too exciting. And don't get me wrong. I love those nights. I do. But I really wanted something different. Something to get excited about. Something that still allowed me to wear my sweat pants.

And so I invited our friends over for wine, spagetti and conversation.  It was late when I made this choice to shake up our evening. The teens plans changed and allowed for an evening just for adults. No questions about snowboarding videos or complaints about being bored.  They were off to their friends homes and the house was left to my husband and I. And so the invite went out and to my delight, three of our friends were just as excited to visit with us as we were with them.

I made my moms homemade spaghetti sauce, boiled some noodles, placed some garlic bread into the oven and opened a bottle of white wine. And since I didn't have items for a dessert and didn't want to leave the house, I filled a bowl full of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I am cultured like that.

Our friends arrived and we sat with our dinner and drinks, talking, laughing and completely forgetting that we had a game to play. The conversation was the main event and it carried on into the night, each of us sharing stories and ideas, laughing and talking. It felt so good to be with friends whom my husband and I adore, and being loved back.  It was the perfect evening, a simple evening.

Do you have evenings like that? An evening that can top any fancy dinner or special event, because all you really wanted was a connection with your friends?  I found this article today, and it reminded my of my weekend. I like the idea of committing to repeating our weekend more often. It certainly was good for my soul.

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