Monday, March 31, 2014


It is Spring Break in my neck of the woods in Utah and both my boys have been loving it.  One teen sleeps all day and the other snowboards. They really are in heaven...until today. 

We didn't go anywhere due to work, that their dad is out of town and finances. I opted to spend money by taking them out to eat at different places around the city, rather than spend money on gas and hotel and activities.  They were really quite pleased with the idea, since one didn't want to miss out on the slopes and then other likes sleeping in. 

We've had 4 days of eating out while our food hung out in our refrigerator, forgotten.  This morning I opened my refrigerator to see what I was going to make for dinner tonight and if I needed to stop by the store.  I was delighted, as I always am when I see this, that my produce was still fresh and yummy looking, sitting ever so nicely in the cripser drawers. It almost seemed a shame to disturb them, and so I closed the door and made the decision to add one more day of eating out to the list, since school isn't back in session for two more days.  And I know it will be fine...I have Bluapples in my refrigerator.  The milk, however, I had to toss this morning.  I wish there was a product out there to save that!

And so, I headed off to work with a list of jobs for my teens to do while I was gone.  And the looks on their faces was priceless.  WHAT?  YOU WANT US TO CLEAN ON OUR VACATION?!?  Yes. Yes I do. Because sometimes when a mom gets home from work, she'd like to grab a slice of pizza, sit down on the couch and watch a movie with her kids in an already clean house.  I am actually looking forward to tonight.  It has made my Monday feel so much more exciting. :-)

This weekend is when they are really going to freak. It has been a long winter and our home is in need of a fresh start. The weather is beautiful, my husband is out of town and it seems like the perfect time to get some real deep cleaning done. And of course, it goes along with Spring Break...right?  Spring Cleaning!  I am excited for this.  There is just something wonderful about knowing your light switch plates just had a bath.

The link below is a website that gives a very useful list of what to clean. I find it to be helpful and will be using it this Saturday.  Maybe you will too.

Have a fantastic Monday everyone!

Spring Cleaning

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