Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Skip the diet. Just eat healthy.

I cleaned out my closet yesterday. I had in my head that I was going to donate all my summer clothes that don't fit me right now and let go and live, quit trying to be skinny, just breathe.

The pile was getting bigger and bigger. I was a little ashamed about how many pairs of jeans I owned. Especially for someone who doesn't wear jeans very often. I had a lot of shorts, a few skirts and two t-shirts that I love, but now roll up over my belly button every few minuets when I wear them.

I put them into a big pile ready to bag them up and haul them to Goodwill...and then I paused.  I took a moment to consider my actions. First of all, I had hundreds of dollars in clothing, perfectly good clothing piled up on the floor, to discard because...??? I didn't want to lose weight?  Yes. But the foundation of that thought was I wanted to continue to be lazy.

I don't exercise. Ever. Not even a walk around the block, unless it is to catch a bus.  I help myself to seconds at dinner because I can, not because I am actually hungry. These are two very bad habits.

If I changed two bad habits, the few inches keeping me from wearing all that I already own would be gone. It would take 3-5 days running (which I used to do all the time) and then being more aware of what I am eating. How hard would that be? How healthy would that be? How economical would that be?

Very. And so...I left my clothing in a neat stacked pile and placed a pretty bow on top. They are a present for me next month when I can wear them because I decided to be healthy, rather than lazy. And I AM being lazy. I'm wearing yoga pants right now. I haven't done yoga in over a year!

It is time to change.

I take the time to eat healthy, to prepare delicious dinners that my family will love.  I can do the same for myself, to take the time to BE healthy and keep my body in a condition to live strong, live long.

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