Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Mom! What's for dinner?!

"Mom!  What is for dinner?!?"

Last night at 7 pm, this is what I heard. I like the days when I hear "Mom, how was your day?"  But more often than not, the question relates to what my children will be eating within the next 30 minutes.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a dinner in my mind. Peel a banana, dip some fresh broccoli into a nice hummus dip and maybe eat a side of black beans. I think it is the perfect dinner. Easy, quick and best of all, healthy. The rest of my family does not agree with me.

And so, as I try and be creative with meals and add variety that everyone can agree on, I sometimes take a Sunday and spend it preparing meals that I DON'T have to think about when I get home from work, other than taking it out of the freezer the morning of and heating it up for all to enjoy.

I suggest putting on some great music, pouring a favorite drink and making dinner all day, so you don't have to think about it again all week.  This website is full of different recipes and tips and tricks to get you started with cooking meals ahead of time.

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