Monday, February 3, 2014

Never Give Up

I had a friend ask me last week, "What situation do you find yourself in where you learn the most; meaning, what happens that makes you learn?"

"When I fail" was my reply. And I thought about that. I accomplish the most right after I screw up, let others down or make a mistake that leaves me with regret. It is in those moments that I pick myself up and make an extra effort and a better attempt the second, third or fourth time around. I WANT to succeed, but sometimes take more than one try to make that happen.

I look back at some of my greatest successes, and nearly all of them happened right after a major fail.

-If you aren't afraid of dying, how can you really live?-

 This is my motto. Not that I am a physical risk taker, because I am not. I drive nice and slow and hold the steering wheel with two hands.  But I am a risk taker with words, with ideas, with thoughts and emotions. Sometimes people very much dislike what I have to say or share.  BUT more often than not, I am well received.

I encourage everyone, whatever your challenge might be, to jump. Take that step and see what happens.  If you fail, learn from it. If you don't and you accomplish something great, pat yourself on the back and look forward to the next big move.

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