Thursday, February 27, 2014

How Does The Bluapple Work?

Fruits and vegetables emit ethylene gas.  This silent process is what brings produce to a rippened stage, and then if not eaten and left for dead...the spoiled stage. (I have been guilty of this in the past).  Ripened produce is high in ethlyene gases. This ripened food, when left in your refrigerator with newly purchased produce, will cause your new produce to rippen even faster.

If you use The Bluapple, however, you get up to three times longer to eat your produce so that when you put new produce in the refrigerator, nothing is spoiled. It is gone. It was chopped, sliced, diced or juiced already. :)

Sometimes I will buy certain fruits or vegetables because they are on sale.  I don't know what recipe I am going to use them for at the moment, but when peaches are only .89 cents a lb, I buy peaches and figure the rest out when I get home! But then life happens and I eat out, make anything other than peach filled recipes, or just plain forget about them because the head of lettuce is hiding them.  And without the Bluapple in my crisper drawer, I used to take the bag of fruit from my crisper drawer and place it directly into my trash due to spoilage.  It was so irritating! Such a waste.  And now?  I see those hidden peaches days later and get to enjoy them still.  It is such a win!

And so we made a commercial, to help inform everyone how the Bluapple works.  I quite like it. What do you think?

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