Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Morning Cereal With a Side of Cinnamon Rolls!

I know what you are thinking. Sunday morning cereal IS NOT A BREAKFAST.
But let's be honest. As Jim Gaffigan said so well in a comic routine, neither are pancakes with syrup.

And so, since it is Sunday and I do not feel like doing anything other than watching snowboard videos with my teen, catching up with friends on Facebook and then getting ready to go out on a hike with the kids into the beautiful mountains, I think a bowl of cereal in front of them is appropriate while I prepare what is to be our glue that brings us together tonight...Cinnamon Rolls.

This recipe is called "Overnight"...but since I am making these at 7 am, they will be ready to enjoy tonight at 8 pm, right before we head off to bed. (I cut a little time off of the refrigerator biggie.) They are the perfect treat to gobble up while we talk about our day in the mountains and what our adventures for the upcoming week might be. 

And the bonus is...guess what is for breakfast on Monday?  Cereal? No...what kind of mom gives her kids cereal for breakfast???  We will be eating cinnamon rolls with a side of eggs and a fruit smoothie.  That sounds like a delicious way to start a Monday. :)

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