Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Getting Ready for Easter

Do you celebrate Easter? Do you just like bunnies and baby chickens and pastel colors?  I do, but now that my boys are older, they just don't enjoy a cute cut-out sandwich that looks like a bunny like they used to. :)

But we still dye eggs and then hide them. At least they give me that.  When they were younger, we'd have our Easter gift day celebration the day after, because that was when everything was 75% off! I know, I know that sounds cheap, but they understood why and loved it.  They always got tons of candy and we still had a great time.

I still look at different ideas of fun things to do however, because I miss those old days and I still make little promises to myself that I am going to do at least ONE cute Easter thing.  This year it will probably consist of a fun and bright Easter lunch. They like food. A lot. So fresh salads, fresh fruit  and a great dessert seems to be in order.  Maybe you'll find one of the ideas in the link useful, or it will spark something in you.  I think all the ideas are simply adorable.

Easter Ideas

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