Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Benefits of Volunteering

I have volunteered for many things in my life, in my my own home.  And sometimes after I make that first initial commitment, I feel regret.  I think of all the reasons I shouldn't have done it, how I don't have time, or how they don't really need me and it is a waste of my time.  And then after I complete it, I have such a sense of satisfaction.  It feels good to help out.  This past month I helped with a project that made sandwiches for the homeless.  We made sack lunches and handed them out next to the homeless shelter. It felt good to help, gave me gratitude in my life that I have my family to love and love me back, and inspired me to just be a better, nicer and more helpful person.

There are always places in need of volunteers.  Local schools need people who can help with reading, tutoring, or office work. Rest homes and community senior citizen centers welcome volunteers to help with food, activities and travel.  Some places will require you to get a food handlers permit, or special training. That will take time as well, time that you volunteer.

Teaching kids to volunteer will help give them a sense of community.  It can open new doors of opportunity for them as they  meet new people and network, as well as trying out different jobs and having different experiences, which can help direct them to a path that will bring them fulfillment out of life.  They may discover that they love to work with senior citizens, or children.  Working at an animal shelter might spark a love of animals that might send them down the path of being a veterinarian.  There are many benefits to volunteering and it is okay to recognize that.

Reasons to Volunteer

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