Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Produceology of Produce Storage

In case you missed it, I wanted to post again about our website has a link with valuable information on how to properly care for almost 200 different types of fruits and vegetables.  It is easy to use.  Either scroll down and look for the type of produce you are looking for, or use the search bar at the top of the page and type in what you'd like to find.  Chances are, we have it.

Just go to www.thebluapple.com and click on How it Works and then the Produce Storage Tips tab (or click on this link http://www.thebluapple.com/storage-tips).  We call it "The Produceology of Food Storage."

I'd suggest saving the page in your bookmarks or leaving the tab open for when you come home from the grocery store and start to put away your produce.  If you are using  Bluapple in your crisper drawers, they are going to absorb the ethylene gas from your produce, helping it to last up to three times longer.  But the way you store your produce in regards to temperature and humidity control are important too, and our website will tell you how to do it!

Hope your day is fantastic!

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