Monday, April 14, 2014

Simply Your Life

I have missed out on things due to laziness. I have missed out on things due to not getting something done on time.  And I have "missed out"on things, due to simplifying my life.  And the third miss is considered a win in my book.

My husband and I have friends that go out almost every weekend dancing, dinner, drinks or a party of some sort.  And I do enjoy going out.  BUT sometimes we skip simply due to simplifying our life.  We don't have to dress up, spend money, leave the kids, get home late, miss out on sleep...we stay home and enjoy each others company.  We might make a special meal or work on a project together, but we take our weekend activity down a notch by choice, and when we do, we almost never regret it.

There are other ways I have simplified.  I no longer own a lot of shoes.  I looked deeply at my life and was honest with myself and the truth was that I wore about 5 pairs of the 20+ pairs of shoes that I owned.  I now own just two coats. One for the winter snow and one for the light chill of spring.  And I no longer have fancy dinner plates. I just have plates. And room in my cupboard for other things.  I am a much happier girl.

Here are some ideas from Real Simple on ways to simply your life.  Maybe you will use a few?  *hint...The Bluapple is one of them.* :)  6 Ways to Simply Your Life

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